Upgrade mailboxes to 2016 using PowerShell

  • To move the mailboxes from one database to the new/other databases, open the exchange management shell console and then execute the below command
    • New-MoveRequest aliasname -TargetDatabase ‘Mailbox Database 0140639003‘ -batchname movebatch1
    • Note: (movebatch1 is the batch name)
  • We need to create a batch while moving the mailboxes from one database to the other.
  • This entire process was completely executed in an asynchronous manner.
  • Mailboxes will be completely moved once the batch status show as completed or 100%.
  • To get the batch status use the below command (movebatch1 is the batch name)
    • get-moverequeststatistics -batchname movebatch1 (or)
    • get-moverequest –batchname movebatch1 | get- moverequeststatistics
  • Once it shows 100%, then our mailbox movement was successful.